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Swedbank Robur’s vision is to be world leader in sustainable value creation. Sustainable value creation refers to our ambition to create a healthy, long-term return for our savers, while also contributing to the positive development of society and the environment. We aim to achieve this by being a key player that supports and influences change and is dedicated to making a difference for people and the environment.

  • As part of our financial analysis, we identify companies' sustainability risks and opportunities for improvement.
  • We exclude some companies for sustainability reasons, but our main principle is to remain as owner and use our ability to influence.
  • We want to influence companies we own to continuously improve within the areas of the environment and climate change, human rights, labour standards and business ethics.
  • We also want to influence companies to have good corporate governance.
  • We have signed the Principles for Responsible Investment, PRI.

Sustainability methods


We believe in investing in companies that manage their sustainability risks and that create business opportunities based on global trends. Our fund managers and sustainability analysts work together to assess companies' sustainability work.


We do not invest in companies with involvement in cluster bombs, landmines, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. We also exclude: pornographic material, tobacco, cannabis, fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas- unless they have clear transition goals and are included in Swedbank Robur’s Green List).


We work to ensure that companies minimise their risks and, if possible, develop their business with sustainability in mind. We actively engage with holdings to address environmental, social and governance challenges in our engagement as owner.

As owner our primary focus is engagement dialogues with boards and management teams of the businesses we invest in. We also take part in nomination committees and we exercise voting at General Meetings. Additionally, we use our influence in the investment community to drive change together with peers and third parties. We also cooperate with our suppliers in developing research methodology that will support sustainable investing.


As investor we engage with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, such as our customers, media and NGOs. Transparent communication, education, shared learning and review of our products and business practices are the main drivers. We also influence policy makers and regulatory bodies to improve our sector and the society in our engagement as investor.