- Swedbank Robur was founded in 1967 to enable all people to save and take control of their finances, and this is still the heart of our business. We want to help our customers influence their own situation and make conscious choices, regardless of whether it is long-term savings for the pension, more short-term buffer savings or savings for their children. We are happy to be part of building up an awareness about savings, and offer opportunities for fund savings in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, which are Swedbank’s home markets, says Liza Jonson, CEO of Swedbank Robur.

In the Baltics the number of customers who are using saving and investment products is rapidly increasing. Swedbank customers will now have the possibility to start investing in Swedbank Robur funds regularly, with as little as EUR 1, without any issuing, redemption, or safekeeping fees for portfolios up to 30.000 EUR. The ongoing charges that include all costs are one of the lowest compared to peers, starting from 0.7% for actively managed funds and 0.2% for passively managed funds.

In order to invest in Robur funds, Swedbank’s clients who are new to investing simply need to open a securities account which can be done online. Those already using Swedbank’s savings and investment products, can easily invest in Robur funds via their internet bank. All investments in Swedbank Robur funds are made in euros. Some of the funds introduced, have received the highest possible sustainability rating from Morningstar.